Would You Say We Have A PLETHORA of Rob Bell Posts?

In which I post that I am journeying Way Out West, not to set up like a Cowboy (pointless Kid Rock reference), but to attend CraftLab a creative jam session with the Rev. Rob Bell--author, speaker, pastor, a man who is on-tour-with-Oprah... 

And in which people ask, "Hey, isn't that the guy who says there isn't a hell?"  

To which I reply... 

"Read these blog posts--blasts from the past that will explain all, reveal all, and probably not make that much difference at all--at least to the very few people who would rather hate than appreciate."  

In which I comment on Rob Bells's provocative book: "Love Wins" 

In which I review Rob Bell's provocative book:  "Love Wins" 

In which I comment on an obnoxious Christian my wife met in a Bookstore

In which I talk about Rob Bell's responses to his critics--in his own words: 

In which I talk about my experiences at the 2Day Event with Rob Bell: 

And again here...  

Listen there are more of these... but you can find the rest if you want to read more.  What?  You want I should do all the work for you?

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