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Confessions of A Pandemic Pastor

The headline of the online article for pastors I  had just clicked on in my Facebook feed read: 8 Signs That You Might Be Suffering From Burnout.   As I read through each of the eight signs, I whispered "check" by each one that I knew applied to me.  I whispered it eight times.  I went back and did it again just to make sure, but the result was the same.  It wasn't exactly a surprise, to be honest.  And I know I'm not the only pastor checking that list.  You see, every conversation I've had with fellow pastors over the past year and a half has been filled with confessions of weariness, uncertainty, worry, mental fatigue, and spiritual uneasiness.   None of us were trained to lead a church through a pandemic, social unrest, and the deep divisions of a contentious and heated political environment.  We have preached to empty rooms for months.  We did our best to keep our congregation engaged, and our staff motivated. We grieved as members checked out or moved on, and

God Grant Me Serenity

There's a sacred prayer that I've prayed more than a few times that isn't found in the Bible.  In fact, it's a prayer that is prayed every day by millions of people worldwide-- even people who aren't particularly religious.  Chances are, you probably know this prayer or are at least familiar with it, and maybe you have even prayed it once or twice at least on your own.   Got your attention?  I hope so.   The prayer that I'm talking about is the Serenity Prayer, which is prayed at the end of every Alcoholics Anonymous, and Al-Anon meeting, everywhere.  If you aren't familiar with the words, here they are:  God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Even though this prayer can't be found in the Bible (or any other religious text for that matter),  the foundation of its meaning certainly can be found there---particularly in the teachings of Jesus.  Jesus tau