Do It For The Plot

I learn a lot from my kids these days. 

They keep me current on the latest music, culture, and social media trends. They also keep me up to speed on the latest slang, phrases, and other cool things to say so I won't embarrass them by calling something "rad," "wicked," or "gnarly." 

It takes effort to be current, which is why so many of us more seasoned folk decide to chill instead and stay within our own comfortable lanes. 

Every generation has its own lingo, imprinting its particular je ne sais quoi upon the cultural lexicon. I find it all fascinating. 

The other day, a new friend who works with younger people taught me a new phrase I will use often. 

She said one of them taught her the phrase "Do it for the plot."  I had no idea what it meant, so she explained it to me. I dug online to learn more, so I will share it with you, dear readers.  Sharing is caring. 

When you “do it for the plot,” you’re viewing yourself as the main character in your life and then doing the right thing to move “the plot” forward, no matter what might happen. 

The phrase gained substantial traction on TikTok and other social media platforms. Many videos of people engaging in daring or scary activities “for the plot” have gone viral, inspiring users to boldly venture into uncharted and risky territories they otherwise may not have done. 

I can't tell you how much I love this. There are so many ways to employ it.  

About to try what seems to be the spiciest curry you've ever smelled? 

Do it for the plot. 

Your friend invites you to sky-diving to face your fear of heights. 

Do it for the plot.

You get the idea.  But I think there are other ways to use this remarkable phrase to help move our "plot" forward, especially if we're stuck. 

You may be tentative about leaving your job for another one.  There's a risk there, but it could be fantastic.  

Do it for the plot. 

There's a chance for a relationship with someone new after you've been alone for a long time and are afraid to try for fear of being hurt.  

Do it for the plot. 

You don't know how to find your purpose in life, and you wonder if you should trust God with your unknown future or simply stay put in the comfort of the known. 

Do it for the plot. 

You see, inherent in the meaning of doing things "for the plot" is a fundamental trust that the Universe (God) is kind and full of grace, mistakes are perfectly okay, and if you risk nothing, nothing is ever gained. 

We have no clue what comes next in our lives.  

We can spend them shrinking back from challenges, uncertainty, or risk, or we can step forward and move the story of our lives into the uncharted territory of trusting that God is good and that there are purposes before us we can't fathom at the moment. 

May you find the courage in your life to do the next right thing to move your story forward, trusting that no matter what, there is love, grace, hope, and peace ahead of you in a future where God is waiting for you to arrive. 

May it be so, and may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and always. Amen. 


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