The Creative Flow

I've been thinking a lot lately about the creative process and how it is so inextricably connected to Spirit. 

These things go through my head during the wee hours, and lately more so, since I've been having trouble falling asleep until the wee hours. 

Maybe it's because I'm now old enough to apply for my AARP card or because of too many sweets before bed, but sleep seems to be eluding me on some nights, and then I'm left with my thoughts. 

This is alright because most of those thoughts are fleshed out here, and my thoughts about creativity and Spirit are among them. 

You see, I believe that the Holy Spirit (the third "person" in the Christian Trinity) has a specific role within the godhead, and that role is essentially the energy that binds all of Creation together. 

Every bit of matter in the universe is made up of energy, and even what appears to be solid--isn't.  There is a universe in the desktop I'm typing on right now.  Infinite space exists between the minuscule particles that make it what it is. 

And my hand resting on the desktop as I work is actually giving and receiving energy even as it appears to be resting there.  

You and I give and receive energy when we interact with one another.  We can tell if someone gives off negative or positive energy upon meeting them.  That, and the scowl they have on their face, or a smile as the case may be. 

So, in my humble opinion, the energy that flows between us, in us, and through us is the Holy Spirit. That energy that flows is constantly flowing, always moving, always teaching, guiding, convicting, directing, giving, and receiving.  

To put it in mystical, trinitarian language: God creates through the Word or the Blueprint, known as the Christ, and the Spirit sustains and enlivens Creation. 

The elements that make up our Earth were the product of stars from eons ago, and these elements are within us and everything. We return those elements upon death to be born again into more Creation--the eternal rhythm of dying and rising. 

Similarly, the energy of the Spirit always was, is, and will be.  

The Law of Conversation of Energy states that "energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be converted from one form to another."  I think that's both fascinating and awesome. 

So, what does this have to do with creativity?  Well, let me explain by way of a quote I wrote down from famed music producer Rick Rubin: 

We begin with everything: 
everything seen, 
everything done, 
everything thought, 
everything felt, 
everything imagined, 
everything forgotten, 
and everything that rests unspoken and unthought 
within us.  

Though we may not always be aware of it, the creative process at the beginning of all things is constantly repeated with us as we seek to be co-creators with God in the world. 

When we imagine a new world filled with peace... 
When we use our gifts to create beauty... 
When we bring healing to anything that has been wounded and broken...
When we seek reconciliation, that turns enmity into empathy... 
When we write, paint, sing, compose, fashion art that enlivens the world... 
When we pray, worship, serve, and love in ways that bring light to darkness... 

When we do any of these things, we are tapping into the creative flow of Spirit that has always been and always will be, forever and ever, amen.  

Every single one of us is creative.  We were made to be.  We have the creativity of the ages flowing through and around us. It may be time to acknowledge this and open ourselves up fully to that flow.  

We have holy work to do, you and I---creative, life-giving work that we have been ordained to do since before the beginning of time.  Step into the flow. It's time to fulfill our calling. 

May it be so, and may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all now and forever. Amen.  


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