Enjoying God

I had a pretty awesome morning on Friday.  So much so, that I'm still kind of smiling about it.  

It was my wife's idea, to be fair.  We conspired to actually do something other than work after we got the kids off to school. It had been a long week for both of us, and it felt right to just push back from our desks and the busy-ness for a few hours and simply be.  

So we went to brunch at our favorite brunch place, and then we went for a long walk in and around Zilker Park and Barton Springs, which are both near downtown Austin.  We took our little dog and let him run around and do dog things.  

It's amazing what laughing together, talking, walking and sharing together can do for your relationship, and your outlook on life, the universe and everything.  And when you mix amazing Eggs Benedict dishes, hot tea and a cool morning into it... it was just life-giving to both of us.  

Since then I found myself wondering, "Why don't we do that more often?"  It's a question that I am sure many of us offer up from time to time after we experience the joy and fulfillment of engaging in something that was good, beautiful and true.  

The answers are legion.  We will say that we are too busy, over-scheduled, over-committed, too tired and completely overwhelmed. And then we wonder why we're also spiritually dry and disconnected from the Divine.  

It got me thinking about a book I've been reading by Christine Aroney-Sine entitled The Gift Of Wonder: Creative Practices for Delighting In God.  There was a particular quote I read this week that resonated with me:  
We suffer from play deprivation, nature deficit disorder, awe depletion, compassion fatigue, imagination suppression, and more.  As a result, I think we suffer from God deprivation, too.
If you find yourself feeling God deprived today, perhaps it's time to get outside and re-discover some awe. Or find a way to spark your imagination by doing something creative.  Take a break from your routine for a moment and go for a walk with the intent of seeing one thing that amazes you.  Find someone to laugh with.  

In the Presbyterian world we often quote a line from the Westminster Confession of Faith:
"The chief end of [humankind] is to glorify God and to enjoy [God] forever."  May you find enjoyment in God today and every day.  

And may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and always. Amen.  


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