Attitude of Gratitude - Pt. 2

This week as a we reflect on what it means to be filled with gratitude, we need to talk about remembering the "Ebenezers." 

The Ebenezers aren't a New Wave 80's band that dressed like characters from a Charles Dickens story.  Although, that would be cool.  

Ebenezers are literally "stones of hope."  They are stacks of stones, monuments that were erected by the ancient Hebrew people to help them remember momentous occasions when God did something incredible in their lives. 

We all have Ebenezers.  They serve as memorials that we can look back on our life and see scattered throughout our time line.  I have some Ebenezers of my own.

My wife and I were apart for five years before we got married.  I was recently divorced, which she didn't know.  She was about to be married, which I didn't know. Because of a chance meeting of an old school friend on a random night in the middle of an arena full of people we found each other again. 

I think about every job I've ever had, every class I ever took, all of the ministries, churches I served... all of those things that were leading me to this moment, to this place--one building on another, nothing wasted.  

My life is filled with these standing stones of hope-filled, Divine intervention.  

You have Ebenezers of your own.  Even if things aren't going very well for you right now, you can recall times in your life when a coincidence was too perfect to be just a coincidence--moments when you knew that God had intervened.  

Remember the Ebenezers, and be filled with courage as you recall the presence of God in your life. 

And may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and always. Amen. 


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