Until The Disaster Has Passed

As I write this, one of the largest hurricanes in recorded history is headed for Florida.  It could very well carve a path straight through the state I called home for most of my life. 

Meanwhile, my adopted home state of Texas is still reeling from a once-in-eight hundred-year rainfall from Hurricane Harvey.  Thousands are still homeless, and helpless.  The cleanup has begun, but it will take years to restore what was lost.  

I'm pretty tired of hurricanes.  Enough already.  

This morning I was listening to the latest album by Jason Isbell, one of the great songwriters of our day.  This line from his song "Last of My Kind" struck me this morning: 

Mama says God won't give you too much to bear
That might be true in Arkansas
But I'm a long, long way from there... 

I agree with Isbell.  The fact of the matter is that God frequently does allow us to experience more than we can bear.  It's difficult to find meaning in the midst of all of the storms and strifes of life.  

If there is meaning to be had, though, it can be found in where we choose to turn in times of trouble. 

This morning I opened one of my devotional books that I read every day and this was the verse that appeared at the top of the page: 

Have mercy on me, my God, have mercy on me,
    for in you I take refuge.
I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings

    until the disaster has passed. - Psalm 57:1

To all who are in the path of storms... To all who are experiencing fear and doubt... To all who feel they have no where to turn... To those with broken relationships, painful addictions, chronic illness, nagging despair...  

Take refuge today in the shadow of the wings of the God who would cover you like a mother hen covers her chicks.  This God is with you in the storm, and will never leave or forsake you---no matter what the winds may bring. 


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