Get In The Game

When it comes to a life of faith, there is a difference between being in the game than being on the bench. When you're not in the game, it's easy to keep a "bench" mindset.  You can find a comfortable routine, stay in the same sort of ruts, so to speak and just be content watching other people play.  

We've all been in bench mode at one point in time or another in our faith journey.  Maybe some of us are in bench mode right now.  We're bored with church and with religion.  We're too busy to really commit.  We're too distracted by other things in our life, or maybe we're too disillusioned by religion itself to stand up and get in the game. 

Some of us have been on the bench so long we don't even know how to play.  Some of us don't even know if we're on the team. 

And most of us feel like there is no way that God would ever want us to do big important things like telling his story.  We never would suspect that God would actually want us to get in the game. 

But what I've come to understand is something that is incredibly true and empowering: God uses unexpected people to tell his story.  Think about it... 

Jesus' twelve disciples were a mishmash of guys who would have never been picked to play by anyone with their right mind.  Jesus hung out with sinners and tax collectors, prostitutes, overly-religious people...  It's almost like he wanted to demonstrate that the story he was telling was so good, it didn't matter who helped him tell it.  

So if you're feeling like you don't belong in the game today---think again.  It's time to leave your comfortable seat and find out how God is going to use you to change the world.  

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and always.  Amen.  


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