A Few Words About The Spirit - Pt. 5

Today we are continuing our series in the Daily Devos about the Holy Spirit. 

As you recall from earlier this week--we are constantly exchanging the atoms that make us us with one another and everything else.  Energy is flowing around us, in us and through us all of the time.  And to think that we aren't affected by this billions-of-atoms-a-second energy exchange is ludicrous. 

So there's all of this energy flowing back and forth between us--energy that bears the very DNA of a God who is not far away in his holy temple tuning in occasionally to hear our puny prayers.  This God is here, present, flowing through us in what Christians call the Holy Spirit.  And I believe this God is speaking, laughing, guiding, whispering and creating in the midst of all of it. 

When we read about the way Jesus always seemed to be speaking to God, sharing something special with God, maintaining an open channel, so to speak with God... it makes you wonder if this was exactly what Jesus was trying to demonstrate. 

Which makes me wonder if maybe prayer is simply a way to be open to the God-energy, the Holy Spirit, the presence of Jesus all around us. 

When you are open-minded and open-hearted to God---you have a tendency to be more aware of what God is doing, saying and creating.

And prayer is a huge part of that openness. 

So how do we remain open in our prayer life?  How do we pray (as the Apostle Paul exhorted) incessantly?  I think it begins with Honesty, which--as it turns out--is actually the best policy when it comes to prayer. 

Being honest with the ones we love, ultimately draws us closer to them. 
In the same way, when you are honest, when you tell the truth--you are close to God.  Honesty might sound simply like, "I'm tired... I'm exhausted... I'm afraid... I don't know... I feel joy... I'm in love... "  or Honesty might even sound like, "I hate you... You abandoned me... Where are you?  I don't know if I believe in you..." 

Here's a secret...  God can handle your honesty. 

God invites your honesty because God wants to be close to you. 

Practice honesty with God today.  Speak out loud how you are feeling (don't scare your co-workers by doing this in your cubicle), and let yourself hear it.  Ask yourself afterward if you feel closer to God or farther away.  Chances are, your honesty will draw you closer--even if you are struggling to be in relationship with God right now. 

May you find a new way to experience God, and to be enlivened by the Holy Spirit through your raw and open faith.  

And may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and always. Amen. 


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