A Few Thoughts About The Spirit Pt. 1

I want to spend some time over the next several Daily Devos talking about the Holy Spirit of God. 

Because one of the great mysteries that Christians struggle to understand who/what the Holy Spirit is, and the way the Holy Spirit of God moves, calls, guides, convicts and teaches us.  

I'll begin by talking about atoms, energy and the Holy Spirit.  First, lets talk about atoms.  
In simple terms, we are made of atoms and other assorted sub atomic things that are constantly in flux.  We give off energy, and we receive energy from the people and things around us.  

So here we are, exchanging atoms (energy, if you will) with each other in ways that are hard to describe and almost impossible to imagine---and yet it's happening. 

We give off energy.  And we receive it. All of the time. 

This is why when we are sitting down to dinner with friends and the food is good and there is laughter in the air, and everyone is just full of joy and anticipation---you feel something.

This is why when you are in a stadium full of people and everyone is cheering because your team just scored and you feel as though your heart might burst as you hug the strange dude who smells faintly of beer next to you---you feel something. 


This is why when you are surrounded by ugliness, sorrow, darkness and hatred--you feel something. It's why when you are around someone who is angry, moody, negative and nasty---you feel something. 

Which brings me to this: We are made of what we value.  

Stick with me. 

The things that we value are typically the things we surround ourselves with.  If you value beauty, you want to see, experience, and enjoy beauty.  If you value peace, you seek moments to be peaceful, to be in peaceful places.  Conversely, if you value conflict, you always seem to find it.  If you value instant gratification, you give in to it at every turn. 

And because of the way we are made--because of the energy that is constantly flowing in and out of us, we react to our surroundings, and before we know it...

We are made--in a very real way--of what we value. 

I have come to believe that the Holy Spirit of God is in, among and through that "atomic" energy that is flowing between us.  I also believe that it is the Holy Spirit who urges us to lean into beauty, goodness and peace.  The Holy Spirit is that "still, small voice" within us, guiding us to the right values and away from the wrong ones. 

How we respond to these urgings is up to us.  

May you choose to be surrounded every day to what is good, pure, lovely and life-giving.  May you be listening for the urging, guiding and loving voice of the Spirit of God within and all around you.  

And may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and always. Amen. 


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