Something I Have In Common With My Cat

I have two cats.  One cat has common sense, and the other doesn't seem to be possessed with a whole lot of it.  

For example, the cat without common sense always seems to be lurking by the door, constantly looking for an opening when she can dart outside. The other cat knows better.  
Last night the cat, who is always lurking, pushed on the barely-closed front door and wormed her way outside while I was walking the dog.  "The cat got out!" I shouted to all three of my boys, who were in the living room.  Armed with flashlights they came running outside to find her.  

I imagine if anyone had seen us (four shirtless people with flashlights and a dog digging through our neighbors' bushes) they would have reason to believe we'd lost our minds.  The cat refused to be cornered, however, and we couldn't catch her.  

Finally, more frightened than anything, she made her way back to our house and back inside.  "What is wrong with that cat?" my son asked me as we shut the door at last.  "You mean, besides being an idiot?" I replied.  

The truth of the matter is we found her over three years ago when she was probably 8 weeks old, feral, starving and cold.  She was so hungry, she'd been eating dirt.  We took her in, had her treated, cared for her, gave her a home and have loved on her ever since.  
And she still tries to run off to get into trouble all these years later.  

I got to thinking how much like that cat I am in relation to God.  After all that God has done for me, all of my blessings, the great grace and forgiveness that God has bestowed on me, I still try to run off and get into trouble.  

So often, the first chance I get, I'm stubbornly trying to run my own life, do my own thing without any regard for the One who has loved and cared for me and wants something different for me.  

It's a good thing for me, though, that God is so forgiving and full of grace--that the door to His love is always left open for me to return when I realize I can't possibly make it on my own.  

Daniel 9:9 9 The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him.  

May you be filled with gratitude today over the great grace and mercy of God toward you.  May you learn to live your life constrained not by rules, but by His love and forgiveness.  And may you keep in your heart the sure and certain knowledge that the door is always open.  

And may the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and always. Amen. 


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