The Apocalypse of John: Video Teaching Series

So, for the past nearly two months I have been teaching a study on the book of Revelation entitled, "The Apocalypse of John."  We have been live streaming the teaching sessions for anyone who wants to watch at home, and the videos have also been available to re-watch for anyone who would like to see them again, or catch up on the series altogether.

I am also blogging on Tumblr (although I am pretty far behind the sessions at this point!) what will eventually become a companion guide for the videos themselves.

You can follow along at tumblr here:

Below are the sessions with links to the videos that you can view.

Session One - "How Do We Read Revelation?"

Session Two - "The Origin and Context of Revelation"

Session Three: "God, The Lamb, Seven Seals and Seven Trumpets"

Session Four  - "Cosmic Conflict (The Woman, Dragon and The Beasts)

Session Five - "The Harlot, The Battle, The Celebration"

Session Six - "The Kingdom, The Last Judgment, New Creation"


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