Help for Dads To Be A Hero On Mother's Day

This post is for the guys--who always need a little help in the sensitivity department...  Just consider it a solid from your old pal, Pastor Leon (with lots of help from our friends at M.O.P.S International) 

On Mother’s Day (and sometimes in between) every mom wants to hear, “Thank for you the incredible work you do – I notice you, and I love you.” But the way in which a woman hears that message best varies from mom to mom. Take a look at The 5 Love Languages “cheat sheet” below to see where the wife/mom/grandmother in your life fits. We’ve got great ideas for making Mother’s Day meaningful for the women in your life, no matter what language she speaks.

Words of Affirmation
Moms who value this love language want to hear “I love you” on Mother’s Day. Capture her heart with a meaningful phone call or hand written letter expressing your appreciation for her dedication to motherhood. Think beyond the card aisle – you don’t have to give a speech worthy of Shakespeare, she just wants to hear how you feel about her.

Acts of Service
For some moms, actions speak louder than words. What is her least favorite chore? Imagine the smile on her face when she comes home to a sparkling kitchen, or you catch her up on laundry while she is out with a friend. Maybe your own mom would love an hour or two of help in the garden. If you aren’t sure which act of service would mean the most to the mom in your life – ask her. And if you lack the time to perform a task yourself, consider hiring a cleaning service or hiring a gardener for a day. Many moms love a helping hand, whether from you or a hired professional.

Receiving Gifts
If the mom in your life beams with joy when presented with a beautifully wrapped package (“For me?!”), you may have a woman in your life whose love language is all about gifts. If your love language falls into another category, that’s okay. Lots of people – men and women alike – find it challenging to select the perfect gift for a loved one. If you aren’t sure what the perfect gift for your spouse or mother might be, ask her friends, your sister, or another woman in your life with great taste. It’s not about the “perfect” gift – it really is the thought that counts.

Quality Time
If there is one thing moms never have enough of, it’s time. Moms whose love language is Quality Time value special time spent with you or her children above all other expressions of love. Pack a picnic lunch and take the family out to a lovely park to enjoy each other’s company and feed the ducks. Surprise grandma with tickets to attend a concert together, and then take her out to a special dinner. Think of an activity the mom you love really enjoys, and plan an afternoon of fun around it. Whether simple or creative, time with you is what matters.

Physical Touch
Loving, tender contact with other people is what matters to a woman whose love language is Physical Touch. If your loved one is the touchy feely type, there are a few different options to bring a smile to her heart in honor of Mother’s Day. If you are able to travel to see your own mom or mother-in-law near the big day, be there to give her a hug in person. This will make her day and create a memory that lasts. The gift of a therapeutic massage or other spa treatment is another win for moms who value touch, but if this is inconvenient or not in the budget, go for the DIY version. The hard working mom in your life would love a foot massage from you as a thank you for all the time she spends chasing after the kids!

To learn more about love languages for yourself or a loved one, visit – if you’re not sure where to start, the site offers a brief Love Languages quiz to help you determine which love language you speak.

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