What We Talk About When We Talk About Rob Bell's Newest Book

I'm not one for extensive chapter by chapter book reviews.  I don't like to read them and I don't like to write them.  Occasionally, for something academic I have been forced to produce a lengthy book review where I had to pontificate upon and evaluate some tome or another.  Bleh.

So if you are looking for a lengthy treatise on what I think about Rob Bell's newest book What We Talk About When We Talk About God, look elsewhere.  I bet you a hundred semolians that you will find a few of the aforementioned reviews just by Googling the title.  And some of the reviewers might have actually read the book.


Just know this.  If I was asked to recommend a book to someone who was struggling with whether God existed, or whether Christianity was something that they should consider...  I would unequivocally recommend What We Talk About to them.

This is a book about becoming more aware of God in the world.  It's a book about understanding the radical notion of a God who loves you right where you are, and loves you enough to not want want you to stay there forever.  It's a book about how Jesus provides us with a way of living and being that is grounded in an integrated vision of life, the Universe, faith, God and all the rest of it.  What We Talk About is a book that demonstrates there doesn't have to be a conflict between Faith and Science.

It's a book that points out the problems with they way our old dichotomies of "conservative" and "liberal" in society, culture, faith and science just aren't working any longer, and offers a clear way forward that is far more integrated and hopeful.

You should read it.

Take it from someone who actually did, and will probably be reading it a second time in the very near future.
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