Staff Gut Check: Are We Really Committed?

Pastor Perry Noble of Newspring Church in South Carolina offered some valuable insight into how the staff of a church or organization needs to be on point when it comes to their level of commitment.  

You can read Perry's entire article here.

I have tweaked these a bit to adapt them not just to church but to any organization.  It will probably still have a church-y feel to it, but it's good stuff nonetheless.

Church/Organization leaders, these are great questions to have your staff answer, and then use their answers to help you optimize your organization.  As I worked through these, I saw some blind spots that I have as a leader, and ways that my church could get better.

#1 – Do I trust the leadership of this church/organization?
If a staff member can't answer "yes" to this, then there's a problem.  There is no way to achieve "buy-in" from staffers (or even pastors) when there is a feeling distrust between them and the leadership.  Create spaces where staff members can express their doubts, and concerns without fear of reprisal.  Maintain openness, and provide opportunities for leadership and staff to communicate openly with one another. 

#2 – Do I find myself attacking other people whom I perceive may be more skilled than me?  This is a sign that you may have serious insecurity issues about your abilities, standing in the organization, etc.  Does your organization have clear ways to affirm the gifts and accomplishments of staff members?  If not, you need to address this. 

#3 – Is there anything happening privately in my life that, if it became public, would disqualify me from holding my position, from my ministry?  This doesn't require a whole lot of commentary, but could include things like: addiction issues, infidelity, sexual immorality, etc.  

#4 – Do I value my calling to serve Jesus and His church over my perceived gifting?  In other words, do I care more about the church and its mission than I do about getting patted on the back for how awesome I am?  

#5 – Would I attend this church (or be a part of this organization) if I were not on staff and being paid to be here?  Seriously.  If you can't answer "yes" to this, then you probably need to find a new job.  How can you champion something you don't believe in?

#6 – Do I always have to be the expert OR am I willing to have others step into my particular area of ministry and point out my blindspots and shortcomings? How territorial are you?  When you hear criticism do you immediately launch into defensive mode?  This is an important question for all leaders and staffer to answer. 

#7 – Am I always telling others how tired I am?  If you are overworked and overtired, then take a day off!  Last year, I left eleven days of vacation on the table at the end of the year.  ELEVEN. Don't be a martyr.  Take your vacation, rest on your days off.  Go on study leave if you have it.  You're no good to the organization if your are burned out.  

#8 – Do I get angry when I do not receive the recognition and praise that I deserve?  Perry writes, "If so…repeat this phrase, 'It’s not about me!'" This is a killer for those who serve in ministry, but can also apply to any staff member or leader in an any organization.  If you do what you do in order to obtain praise, your motivation is skewed, and you will never truly find the fulfillment you desire. 

#9 – Am I honestly giving my best effort?  We know when we are "mailing in" a performance.  We know when we are not giving our best.  And we also know when everyone else knows this.  And that's not a good feeling.  

#10 – Would the people who are closest to me at work say that I am a walking example of Philippians 1:27? Which reads, "Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel" Am I a team player?  Do I exude Jesus?  Do I live and work with passion and conviction?  

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