PCUSA Wrong on Israel...Again

It seems that at least once a week the leadership of my denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA) seems to find itself in the middle of controversy.

The latest is a continuation of a long line of what have been characterized as "anti-Israel" stances that at least one wing of the General Assembly Council has chosen to take. Here is the story reported from an Israeli point of view:

Listen, I know that there is plenty of blame to go around in the Middle East.   But I've been to Israel.  I've talked to Israelis and Palestinians.  I've seen first hand the close proximity of neighboring Muslim countries there who would like nothing more than to see Israel overrun.  I've also seen the Israeli settlements that are being built as fast as possible in areas where the "ownership" of the land is disputed.  I know that even among many Israeli's these are unpopular.

But I've also been to the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem.

The Holocaust happened, gentle reader.  You know it.  I know it.  But according to the revisionist history that many Muslims in the Middle East try to perpetuate, it didn't happen.  By the by, I also learned that many Muslim leaders also perpetuate the "revision" that there were never really any Jews in Jerusalem, and that the temple never really existed.

All this despite the archaeological evidence to the contrary.

It's hard to make this up.

During the Holocaust virtually the WHOLE world turned on the Jewish people---either turned on them or turned a blind eye.  And they were almost wiped out.  When you see the magnitude of what occurred and how many countries willingly participated in the extermination of the Jews in their borders, it boggles the mind.

And this is historical fact:  As soon as Arabs in the countries controlled by the Axis had their chance, they gleefully joined right in...

There's a lot I could say about how the media in the United States seem to favor the Palestinian point of view when it reports violence in the region.  There's a lot I could say about how there's still a strong, purveying sense of anti-Semitism in the world.  There's a lot to be said, but not here, not now.

What I will say is this:  I believe that the PCUSA is seriously losing its way in this regard.  It's journeying toward becoming a vaguely religious entity that unfailingly cleaves to the left wing of politics, theology and sociology in America.

It's time that we begin demanding that the leaders of our denomination return to  focusing solely on Christ, and trusting him to exert his lordship over the world in his time, not theirs.  And that they return to focusing on mission and ministry and how to help the many dead or dying churches in our denomination to find new life.

I am not advocating that we ignore injustice--on the contrary.  But what we will come to discover is that when we focus on Jesus, and only Jesus---he will guide us where we need to go, and give us a vision for what we need to do.

This is the moment when some of my more progressive colleagues might take offense to the insinuation that our denominational leaders may not be focusing on Jesus.  I do not mean to offend, but I do have an opinion about this.

I am just guessing here... but I bet that Jesus would rather we spend our time telling the story of how God saved the world through him than driving our Jewish brothers and sisters even further from him with our politically charged, headline grabbing, resolutions.

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