Why We All Need Tim Tebow To Succeed

There was a time when I didn't care for Tim Tebow a whole lot.

He wrecked my Florida State Seminoles every year he played against them when he was the Quarterback of the Evil Empire (aka University of Florida).

There was a time when I was critical of the way he wore his faith on his sleeve pretty much everywhere he happened to be.

Two things happened that changed all of that.

First, he was drafted by the Denver Broncos, which happens to be my favorite NFL team---like my childhood NFL team that I've been cheering for since I was ten.  When this happened I forgot all about the fact that he was a Gator.  He became a Bronco and that was it.

The second reason is way more important, though.  Tebow became my son's favorite athlete, and when I realized this I also realized how wrong I'd been about the guy.

Because my son saw him as a guy who had overcome tons of obstacles, ignored the haters who told him he would never play QB in high school... or in college... or in the NFL.  He also saw him as a guy who wasn't ashamed of his faith.  He also saw him as a guy who wasn't ashamed that he was waiting until marriage to have sex.  He also saw him as a guy who went on mission trips and gave of himself to others.  He also saw him as a guy who was humble, hard-working, full of great character and heart.

I want my son to think these are good things.  Because they are.

Yesterday Tim Tebow started as QB for the Broncos in an ugly game against the Dolphins.  He played terribly for 3 quarters, and then suddenly when the game was on the line, he drove his team down the field to score twice to tie the game and send it into overtime.  The Broncos won on a 52-yard field goal.  When the camera cut away to Tebow after he knew his team had won, he dropped to his knees and began to pray.

Of course the camera immediately left him.  The mainstream media outlets (and ESPN for that matter) don't want to show athletes praying.  They'd rather show them fighting, cussing, getting arrested, sporting their zillion tattoos, acting like idiots, bragging, acting like gangsters... you name it.

Merril Hoge is a commentator on ESPN.  Hoge was a second-rate running back on the Steelers.  I can't remember when he played.  I don't really remember him playing, to be honest.  Hoge has been a Tebow-hater ever since Tebow was drafted.  The vitriol that he displays when he talks about Tebow is shocking.  He hates on his throwing motion, his decision making, his abilities...

On the other hand, Hoge sings the praises of Cam Newton the rookie QB for Carolina like he wants to marry him.  Everyone knows that when Newton left the University of Florida (where he had some character issues and problems) he sold himself to the highest bidder and the highest bidder was Auburn.  There is no question that Newton is an unbelievable athlete.

He's also a cheater, who just didn't get caught red-handed.

The NFL is full of idiots like Ben Rothlesberger the QB for the Steelers who has been busted for sexual assault not once, not twice but three times.  Of course the charges always seem to get dropped... amazing.

Yet, people like Hoge gloss over these things because... why?  Why wouldn't he want Tebow to succeed?  There are far worse quarterbacks in the league who haven't nearly the heart or the leadership qualities that Tebow has.  So why not hack at them, too?  I can only assume that it has to do with Tebow's faith.

Which brings me to why I believe that we all need Tim Tebow to succeed.

The Merril Hoge's of the world need to proven wrong.  They need to see that there is more to being a football player than talent or pure mechanics and flawless technique.

And the NFL needs more heroes.  It's got way too many Cam Newtons and Rothlesbergers.  I don't want my boys rooting for these selfish, morally bankrupt athletes who get a free pass from a system that is corrupt, greedy and needs to be overhauled.

So next Sunday when the Broncos square off against the Detroit Lions, my boys and I will be watching, and cheering for them because they're our team.  But mostly we'll be cheering for Tim.

Because we need him to win for all of us.
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