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A Guy's Guide Life: How To Become a Man in 224 Pages or Less by Jason Boyett (Thomas Nelson, 2010)

A Guy's Life is a reissue of a book by the same name that blogger/author Boyett released in 2004. A Guy's Life is pretty much what it's advertised to be:  A guide to all things manly--at least from a Christian perspective.  It's the kind of book that I am planning on leaving on my teenage son's bedside table in hopes that he will actually read it.   Boyett, the author of O Me of Little Faith and one of the most widely read Christian-y bloggers in the blogosphere, mixes humor, sarcasm and plain old-fashioned, God-fearing advice into this latest book, which is unashamedly geared toward guys in their tweens and teens.  Boyett covers some fairly pedestrian topics like cleanliness, gentlemanly behavior and acne with tips on how good Christian fellows deal with those kinds of thing.  He also takes on some difficult topics like masturbation, premarital sex and pornography in a surprisingly direct way.  I highly recommend this book to parents of middle school and high school boys.  Leave it on their bedside table.  Bribe them to read it if you have to.  You won't be sorry. 
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  1. So, can I leave it on my son's bedside table if he's gay? No- not a snarky comment. Honestly curious.

  2. Honestly, Boyett's perspective is fairly traditional and conservative despite a fairly obvious to be more accessible. I don't think that the book would be completely inaccessible to a young man who is gay, but the assumption the author is clearly making is that his readers are not.


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