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Behold. The greatest preacher hair I have ever seen.  

I have to wonder:  If I had hair like that, would I be a better preacher?  I think it's almost certain.  If I had preacher hair like this, I would be as strong as Samson and as eloquent as Paul.  I would slay Philistines with one forward thrust of my hairspray cemented forelock.  

The ladies would dig me. 

But alas, my hair is thinning and I have no Samson-strong forelock.  

However... I do preach on occasion.   And while I will never be able to pull off some stupendous preacher hair by copying dudes with dos, I have benefited from the wisdom of some very generous people over the years. 

I got to thinking about all of the great pastors and preachers (without awesome preacher hair like our friend above) who have shared their wisdom, their sermons and their technique with me both directly and indirectly.  

So I decided to create a page on my website which you can access HERE.   From this page you can download audio, sermon notes, bulletin inserts, graphics, videos and power point presentations from each of the sermons that I am currently preaching.  Feel free to use what what you want. 

I'm not a great preacher by any stretch of the imagination, but I do approach sermon craft with a somewhat creative and hopefully imaginative technique.  I also do my best to offer my congregation memorable, use-able and practical teachings from the Bible that will hopefully help them draw closer to Jesus.  

I also know how hard it is to develop sermon ideas and to do so in a way that truly connects with people in memorable ways.  If this helps anyone... awesome.  I love to pay it forward. 


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