Stuff Leon Likes: #234 A Book By Jon Acuff

Jonathan Acuff has proven that imitation is the highest form of getting published.  Acuff, a Christian blogger and marketer launched the blog "Stuff Christians Like" a couple of years ago, shamelessly using a formula created by Christian Lander who launched a blog entitled "Stuff White People Like."

Lander soon published a book after his blog took off and became the place to go on the old Internet. 

Jonathan Acuff got the same chance once his blog took off in the Christian version of the old Internet, which is essentially the same Internet, only less so. 

Stuff Christians Like is pretty dang funny.  In fact, I laughed out loud as I read it... a lot.  And as my wife is fond of pointing out--it takes a lot to make me laugh.  I especially like humor that makes fun of Christians.  You'd think that being a Christian would sort of temper my desire to poke fun at them.  It doesn't.  We take ourselves way too seriously.  Acuff's book takes a fairly sharp pointed stick to many of the things that Christians hold dear: Church, Prayer, Devotions, Small Groups and yes... the Side Hug.  I loved how Acuff went off for a page and a half on how Christians are always afraid to complain in front of Missionaries.  Or the ways that Christians always try to find subtle ways to tell people they are a Christian to sort of test them a bit.  Or the way that Christians give their testimony and all the stuff that happened before they became a Christian sounds fun, exciting, alluring and awesome... 

I could go on, but I would rather that you buy this book and read it for yourself.  You should.  It's worth every penny.  If you'd like to give it a try, click on the link above left. 


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