God Space - Book Review

God Space: Where Spiritual Conversations Happen Naturally by Doug Pollock

First, I need to do some disclosure.  God Space is the foundational book for Group Publishing's newest venture, Lifetree Cafe.  My church is about to launch one of the Lifetree Cafe franchises, and we're pretty darned excited about it.  That doesn't mean that I intend on writing a fluff review on God Space, which was basically commissioned by Group to help change the conversation on Evangelism.

Some of you might be saying... "Don't you always write fluff pieces?" To you I say, "Begone!"  and so forth.

Here's the thing.  Christians are notoriously terrible at Evangelism nowadays.  We are known for our pushiness our dogmatism and our inability to see that anybody but us is right about anything.  And those are our good traits.  Doug Pollock is an evangelism trainer for Athletes in Action, which sort of makes him one of the worst offenders of Christian terrorism---errrr---I mean proselytism---errrr---I mean evangelistic efforts.  At least you would think so, right?

Pollock admits that he used to be that way until he discovered something incredible.  Listening to people actually makes them feel like you give a flip about them.  And if they believe you give a flip, they might actually tell you more of their story,  and if you know more of their story then you might come to know them not just as a potential convert to Christianity, but as a person.  And when we all come to each other as fellow persons with our own stories and our own junk to go with them we begin to wonder how best to journey with one another in this thing we call Life. 

Pollock's means to making spiritual conversations happen (notice this is different than 'sharing the good news at all costs') is through curiosity, questions, genuine interest, authenticity and a host of other adjectives that aren't usually used to describe Christians... but should. 

If you are interested in learning how to become a better witness to the story that God is writing in your life, this a great read.  If you want to learn more about how Lifetree Cafe is using the tools found in God Space go to the website in the link above and learn more.  If you want to purchase God Space, click on the link to Amazon above left. 


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