Cupidity: Book Review

Cupidity: 50 Stupid Things People Do For Love - Hayley & Michael DiMarco (Tyndale)

Hayley & Michael DiMarco have written a number of books about marriage, relationships, sex, dating, etc. from a Christian perspective.  Their many books and DVD projects as well as their efforts to combat homelessness and hunger can be found at Their most recent book, Cupidity deals with relationship issues--particularly issues surrounding the "stupid" things that people do to themselves and one another in the name of love.  The "50 Things" are broken down into Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual "acts of cupidity."  It is an engaging and lighthearted read, filled with quizzes, exercises, discussion guides and plenty of "sidebar" discussions that illuminate each section quite well.  There are plenty of places for both married couples and singles to land in this book, and it has a certain sense of openness and honesty that is not often found in similar Christian relationship books.  I must say, though, that it has the look and feel of a book by and for women.  This is not to say that men can't read and find great insight in "Cupidity," but I can definitely see them being put off by the "girly" packaging, artwork, etc.  I am guessing that the target audience for "Cupidity" is twenty-something, single, Christian women.  If this is indeed the audience--they hit the target. 


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