Free Book: A Review


Free Book by Brian Tome - Thomas Nelson Publishers

Brian Tome is the lead pastor of Crossroads in Cincinnati and is also the author of Free Book his latest offering from Thomas Nelson.  Tome begins his book with a warning.  He declares that he is fed up with Christians who are living in fear, and not living into the hope that comes with freedom in Christ.  In fact, he is so fed up that he uses some strong language (to some perhaps) to make his point.  Tome then declares that there are things that he will say in the cause of Christian freedom that will give more than a few Christians pause, as well as a good many other folk.  Despite his warnings, however, Tome's ideas about Christian freedom are not nearly as controversial as the reader might be led to believe after reading the first few pages--unless a strong belief in the power of the the Holy Spirit and the fact that Christians are part of a larger spiritual battle that is taking place all around them is controversial.  Free Book is a practical guide to basic Christian beliefs--particularly those that have been laid out by none other than Jesus and the Apostle Paul.  Tome asserts quite plainly that the "truth" of Jesus Christ and what he came to earth to accomplish will actually set people "free" if they embrace a relationship with Him.  Tome's efforts to define Christianity in positive rather than negative terms is at the forefront of Free Book, and his point is very well taken.  This is a great read for new Christians, recovering fundamentalists or anyone who struggles with legalistic views of Christianity. 


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