Once More Into the Breach

As if I didn't have enough to do... 
I now have a spot on blogger, where all the serious bloggers seem to be---I guess.  I'll be posting some of my random thoughts and maybe even copying and pasting some of the stuff that I am now posting on my website, too.  
It seems that there is a great deal of interest lately in what it means to be an emergent leader in an existing church--at least among those of us who sort of care about those kinds of thing.  My alma mater, McCormick Theological Seminary (www.mccormick.edu) managed to land Brian McClaren among others to be part of an "Emerging Conversation" there.  I really wanted to go, but since the economy is going south, and I have no money... alas.  
But still, this is good news.  I never took my old seminary as the kind of place that would be at all interested in emerging theology.  Shows you how much I know.  
At any rate, there are more than a few of us presbymergents out there who are trying to find ourselves.  If you want to join in the conversation, feel free.  I'll be posting my struggles and whatnot here and on my website.  Some of them will be cross-pollinated, and some of them might just be original to the place where I happen to be at that moment.  
To anyone who stumbles upon this...  Welcome.  Let's journey together for a while.   


  1. Seriously Leon? I have to check ANOTHER blog? Why can't you just stick to one like the rest of us!
    (disgruntled mumbling) Oh well.

  2. 6:00am? what are you doing that early? but yes, i understand the money issue. I can no longer afford Mexico (now that I'm on my own) and now bumming free trips of the group that I lead with... K.M. - there's this thing called live feed, it's fantastic


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